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Jul 23, 2015

Kamala Mukadam

Kamala Mukadam

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From last 5 years I was facing knee pain.
We consulted to doctors in Latur, medicines given but it isn’t worked. Some doctors suggested Surgery. I was afraid of surgery so we neglected.
 The pain continued and I could not walk straight, even could not sit or stand for long.
Some people told in this age operation will not work and fear in my mind increased. I was feeling very helpless.
Once Dr.Shinde had came to Latur, we met him and asked for suggestion.
He checked and advised, TKR Surgery. He understood fear in my mind and explained how it is must and assured I will walk nicely after operation.
And  yes after operation I am walking on my own now.
I had operation of both the knees. On third day of operation I started walking with walker and from fourth day walking without walker.
I can walk now without any pain, I am very happy.
Thank you.

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